Double adventure

Calix Nordic Loader Premium is developed with a focus on quality, design, stability, safety and ease to use. The design is based on own development and groundbreaking technology with double plastic shells to achieve the rigidity and stability as a fiberglass box but with the lower weight of the ABS plastic. Through this, we have achieved the most stable side-opened roof box made of ABS plastic.

The low, streamlined design follows the car’s lines and creates an integrated feel between the roof box and the car. To further reinforce this, it has no visible rivets on the outside and glossy material in both the lid and the bottom.

To facilitate easy use, the roof box is constructed with side opening from both sides (Dual Opening), integrated handle in new look of brushed aluminum and low loading threshold. At the front, Nordic Loader Premium is equipped with our proprietary and patented Safety Nose for maximum load protection. Calix Nordic Loader Premium also has built-in LED lighting and our new Quick Grip 2.0 which makes installation quick and easy.

Calix Nordic Loader Premium comes in black or white high gloss material in both the lid and the bottom. The inside lid is white to reflect the LED lamp in the best way, new load net helps you keep the load in place.



430 liters


280 milimeters


Central locking


30 kilograms

Max Load

75 kilograms


Both sides via Dual Opening


2250 milimeters

Max Speed

130 kilometers/hour

City Crash Test



900 milimeters


Quick Grip 2.0


5 years