Expanding small cars.

Instead of trading up to a larger vehicle, utilise your small car to the fullest by expanding your cargo space with the URBAN LOADER. The URBAN LOADER is a new, innovative extra cargo space that is great for transporting grocery shopping bags, suitcases, baby carriages and golf bags. Or maybe the occasional tuba, moving box or sombrero. Only the imagination sets limits.

In the compact position, the URBAN LOADER is so slim and stylish that there is no need to remove it from the car. It is easy to install on the car roof, simple to use and to clean and it fits most roof racks and cars on the market.

There are several advantages with keeping a small car instead of trading it in for a larger vehicle. Low fuel consumption and easy parking together with the considerably lower purchasing and maintenance cost to mention a few. Both the household economy and the environment benefits when utilizing the URBAN LOADER as an extra cargo

The URBAN LOADER – with it’s patented solutions, design and construction – is made in Sweden. It is fully tested, pproved and certified and can be used all year around. The URBAN LOADER is a smart, attractive and safe alternative and you will get a product that is suitable for today’s urban and car dependent lifestyle. In fact, you will be able to utilise your small car for things that you did not think possible.

Watch the Urban Loader video

Watch the Urban Loader video – City Crash