Safety first.

Calix Zafe is an innovative roof box that focuses on user friendliness and high safety. It is based on an aerodynamic design with a reinforced front section – the Safety Nose. In other words, Calix Zafe puts safety first – literally. Calix Zafe is also equipped with internal LED lighting, Quick Grip, Dual Opening and anti-slip mat as standard. Together they make the roof box easy to use and restrain the load throughout the journey.

In the event of a collision there is a risk the roof box will open at the front, and if the load is not sufficiently secured it can be ejected with enormous force. The consequences are potentially devastating for the driver or fellow road users; what’s more the load will be totally destroyed. To minimize this risk we’ve developed and patented the Safety Nose to arrest the load.

Calix Zafe is as safe as it is good-looking and blends in well with the car’s lines. No matter how you look at it, Calix Zafe is a smart, safe choice from the perspectives of both function and economy.

Watch the Calix Zafe video – City Crash