Quick Grip 2.0

New Quick Grip 2.0 makes it easy to mount the roof box on the roof rack. With the torque knob you get the right force against the roof rack.



With the new LED sensor lamp you get good light in the roof box. The lighting comes on with sensor function and goes out after about 20 seconds. Comes with battery.

Hangers & Fasteners

Roof box is available with brackets, kits contain T-brackets and U-brackets that are easy to install.

Anti Slip Mat

Supplied as standard in Nordic Loader premium.

Dual Opening

With Dual Opening, you can load the roof box from both sides, which greatly facilitates the use and installation.

Lock Protection

To avoid the lock freezing when the temperature creeps down, locking protection is now standard on our Calix roof boxes.


Calix Nordic Loader Premium is equipped with Safety Nose which captures and minimizes the risk of the cargo leaving the roof box in the event of a collision.

Central Lock

Our roof boxes in the range are equipped with central locks. However, the Urban Loader is equipped with padlocks.